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Although Nathaniel Armstrong is a busy and successful real estate investment expert in Chicago, Illinois, he still finds time to relax, read, and write. According to him, reading and writing are some of the best ways to sharpen the mind. Engaging in reading and writing on a regular basis also helps hone a person’s critical thinking skills, something Nate Armstrong identifies as a crucial skill to have as an entrepreneur.

He enjoys spending weekends with his wife and son and participating in family activities with them. On the other hand, he also enjoys reading as well as writing about latest trends in real estate market. In fact, Nate does so on a regular basis. While he’s busy with managing Home Invest during weekdays, he dedicates his spare time during weekends to writing blogs. When he’s not dealing with work, he enjoys sipping on a warm cup of tea on a Saturday morning with Latin music playing in the background and writing or reading about real estate.

Home Invest Nathaniel Armstrong – Written Work

Nathaniel Armstrong has covered various blog topics in his written work. He has discussed subjects such as tips on real estate investment, finding properties in a competitive market, trusting but verifying a seller, best areas to invest in real estate in Chicago, Illinois, building a strong professional network, and many others. He has posted many of his blogs on Medium several times. Medium is a popular blog-sharing platform that allows bloggers to unite and share their ideas. Listed below are some of Home Invest Nate Armstrong’s most recent written works.

nathaniel armstrong written works



Nate Armstrong on Becoming a Successful Investor – Nate Armstrong Home Invest – Medium

Without investors, becoming profitable can be incredibly difficult. As Co-Founder of Home Invest, Nate Armstrong has helped thousands of professionals and retirees manage their real estate investments. Though he achieved success and shared his expertise with hundreds of students, his path to success was not always a smooth ride.

Nate Armstrong Discusses Smart Financing – Nate Armstrong Home Invest – Medium

The thought of mortgage and growing interest rates is an extremely intimidating topic for home buyers. Especially those who are first time owners. However, with the right steps for smart financing and mortgage saving tips, you can stay on top of your mortgage payments. With it, you can also enjoy your home, stress-free.

Bank Financing with a Real Estate Portfolio – Nate Armstrong – Medium

Real estate is one of the most popular and successful investments for Americans. However, for those looking to expand their real estate portfolio, it can be extremely difficult to manage multiple investments at once. This is when you will need to explore various options for financing.

Tips on How to Learn and Thrive from Failure – Nate Armstrong – Medium

Failure is a crucial part of life. Whether it be in your personal or professional endeavors, failure is something you will be forced to face and overcome. Rather than letting these experiences discourage you from achieving your goals, allow them to be learning experiences that foster your growth.

Home Invest’s Guide to Property Management – Nate Armstrong – Medium

Being a landlord and owning property comes with many responsibilities and choices of action. Some call this career choice a stressful one, but there are many ways to make your landlord experience run smoothly and calmly. Whether it’s finding the right tenants, to fixing household issues; there are strategies to handle and make the best of it all.

How to find and keep great tenants – Nate Armstrong – Medium

Finding tenants for a property you care about can seem like an intimidating task. Searching for the right people who will care for your property is essential. It’s necessary to protect your investments and save money while minimizing the rare stressful situations that come with being a landlord.

Raise the Rent Respectfully in 3 Simple Steps – Nate Armstrong – Medium

As a landlord, asking your tenants for more money can be as stressful as asking for a raise at work. It can feel uncomfortable and scary as you fear damaging relationships with reliable tenants and respectful people. As a landlord, many tasks are challenging but simply just part of the job.

Property Management and Accepting Tenants – Nate Armstrong – Medium

If you’re beginning the process of accepting tenants into your property, Nate Armstrong of Home Invest has some great tips that will help this new adventure run smoothly and securely. Nathaniel Armstrong is the Investor Relations Chair for HomeInvest. He has many qualifications that have given him an in-depth understanding on the world of property management.