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With a profound background in smart real estate investing, HomeInvest Nate Armstrong has appeared in the media numerous times.

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As a successful and well known real estate investment expert in Chicago, IL, making an appearance in the media is ultimately inevitable. With his talent, determination, and leadership skills, Nate Armstrong is no stranger to news appearances. Most recently, Nate appeared in various exclusive interviews where he discusses how he first began his career journey. On Inspirery and Ideamensch, Nate discusses how Home Invest functions as a business, how he got his first client, some of the struggles he’s gone through, as well as some tips he’d give his younger self. On Prague Post and Sweet Startups, he discusses similar topics. There, he explored the ins and outs of smart real estate investing in Chicago, IL.

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In addition to his appearance in interviews, Nate Armstrong was also featured in various articles. On Patch and Tehbullion, Nate discusses some tips for first time home buyers. He also discusses some general tips on finding the right property to invest in. On Blog Process as well as Denver Post, he goes in-depth about best areas to invest in real estate. In addition, he briefly talks about building a strong and robust professional network. Finally, in other articles that Nate appeared in, he expresses his opinions on smart financing as well as best ways to save on your mortgage.

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HomeInvest Nate Armstrong As Seen In The Media


Home Invest Scholarship Program for Post Secondary Students

With Extensive Real Estate Investment Experience, Founders of Home Invest, Nate Armstrong and Dragan Berger, Aim to Cultivate Positive Change and Inspire Students Across North America, Colombia, and Serbia to Surpass Their Educational Objectives CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2018 / Home Invest is excited to announce scholarships for individuals currently pursuing a post-secondary education.

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Raising rent for tenants is one of the sensitive topics that most landlords dislike. It can create a situation where tenants may feel blindsided by the unforeseen increase in costs. Nevertheless, property owners are often forced to raise the rent in order to keep up with the rising standard of living.

Nate Armstrong | Inspirery

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is a graduate of St. John’s University, who enjoyed his time working for Target previously. While he was in the property development department, he made it his goal to learn everything he could about real estate development. Over time, his job turned into a passion.

Nate Armstrong – Investors Relations Chair for Home Invest.

If you shatter like the glass ball, you won’t move far with investing. If you bounce back like the rubber ball, you can build momentum and keep building. Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is a graduate of Johns University, a private university in Minnesota. He started his career after graduating from the University.

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest on Hollywood’s Luxury Real Estate

In 2018, the real estate markets across the nation continue to offer rare investment opportunities. Given the United States’ homeownership rates, which remain consistent, realtors can conclude property transactions easier than ever before. Furthermore, the fact that the unemployment rate is under 4 percent indicates that buyers have more capital to utilize.

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest Talks About Real Estate and His Career | Prague Post

HomeInvest Nate Armstrong is a real estate investor with unparalleled experience when it comes to coaching and negotiating. Thus far, he has worked with more than 800 students from all over the United States and Canada. He gained his experience from closing more than 500 deals…

Nate Armstrong | Crunchbase

Currently serving as the Investor Relations Chair for Home Invest, Nate Armstrong leads the team by helping potential investors with real es…

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest Talks About Real Estate and His Career

HomeInvest Nate Armstrong is a real estate investor with unparalleled experience when it comes to coaching and negotiating. Thus far, he has worked with more than 800 students from all over the United States and Canada. His experience, which was gathered from more than 500 successful dealshelps him teach young investors about real estate.

HomeInvest Nate Armstrong on Becoming a Successful Investor – Nate Armstrong Home Invest – Medium *

Investors play a crucial role in the financial success and security of both businesses and individuals. Without investors, becoming profitable can be incredibly difficult. As Co-Founder of Home Invest, Nate Armstrong has helped thousands of professionals and retirees manage their real estate investments. Although he has achieved worldwide success and shared his expertise with hundreds …

Building Equity in Rehab, with HomeInvest Nate Armstrong Co-Founder, Nate Armstrong, has plenty of golden nuggets for making informed decisions with where and how you purchase your property. Nate discusses the importance of selecting the right property so investors can build equity that will provide monthly income.

Home Invest Debuts on the Inc. 5000 List as One of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies | Markets Insider

CHICAGO, Aug. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Inc. magazine revealed that HOME INVEST ranks 352 on the annual Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. This elite recognition places the company in the top 7% of the exclusive list. “I am incredibly thankful for our team who really earned the 352 rank.

HomeInvest Nate Armstrong – Discusses Real Estate

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest is a real estate investor with a diverse, decade-long portfolio. He started his career in 2008 after exiting the corporate world. Since then, Nate Armstrong has completed over 500 deals and mentored as many as 800 students.

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest on Overcoming Adversity – BlogProcess

Facing setbacks is probably one of the only things that connect every single industry and job in the world. Whether one is a professional athlete or a high-profile politician, they are bound to face difficulties. Of course, the nature and extent of their issues will differ.

Property Management and Accepting Tenants – Nate Armstrong – Medium *

If you’re beginning the process of accepting tenants into your property, Nate Armstrong of Home Invest has some great tips that will help this new adventure run smoothly and securely. Armstrong is the Investor Relations Chair for Home Invest. He has many qualifications that have given him an in-depth understanding on the world of property …

Nate Armstrong of Home Invest Discusses Portfolio Loans | TechBullion

Nate Armstrong is a Milwaukee-based entrepreneur and the co-founder of Home Invest. He is also the Investor Relations Chair for the company. Prior to establishing his own brand, he was a full-time real estate professional who operated in multiple states. This experience helped him attain many important skills that a successful businessman must have.