Hobbies & Interests

While Nathaniel Armstrong is busy managing Home Invest during weekdays, he enjoys spending weekends with family. As a matter of fact, many of his hobbies involve participating in outdoor activities with his family.

Nathaniel Armstrong – Hobbies & Interests

Tennis & Soccer

nate nathaniel armstrong tennisAs a family man, Nathaniel Armstrong strongly believes that no matter how successful one is in the professional setting, none of it matters if one cannot spend meaningful time with one’s family. As such, whenever he can, Nate enjoys playing tennis as well as soccer with his 4 year old son. When it comes to tennis, it is a sport that Nate started playing in elementary school. It not only relieves him from the pressures of work, it also helps him hone his ability to focus on a task at hand. Throughout high school and even up until his adulthood, Nate Armstrong plays tennis as a way to de-stress and stay in shape.

With regards to soccer, it is perhaps one of his son’s favorite sports. They have been playing every weekend since Nate’s son began walking and running, and they plan on doing so in the years to come. To Nate, nothing is more satisfying than coaching his own son and watching him grow and improve.


Aside from spending time with his son, Nathaniel Armstrong also goes on fishing trips with his son occasionally. Roughly once a month, Nate takes the weekend off and goes on a nature trip with his son and wife. They typically pick a grand lake with a breathtaking view spend the entire day in the water, playing or fishing and catching up.


nathaniel armstrong travel with wife

Finally, Nate Armstrong relishes in occasional traveling trips with his loving wife. While he gets plenty of opportunities to travel for work because of his Investors Relations Chair of Home InvestĀ status, traveling with his wife is a different adventure altogether. As a matter of fact, traveling with his wife is something that he looks forward to the most.

A few times a year, they look at the map and pick a location they have yet to visit. This location usually also lines up with a business trip. They carefully plan the trip over a few weeks before finally embarking on the journey. Typically, they like to visit locations that are far different from Chicago, Illinois, which happens to be a bustling city filled with people, pollution, and noise. Instead, they opt for locations that offer breathtaking views of nature that also come with a richness of culture.

So far, they have visited over a dozen relaxing locations that are nothing short of a memorable experience. From historical sites, to mother nature, to the local cuisine, and finally the local’s favorites, Nathaniel Armstrong and his wife are always excited for future travel adventures.