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With a wide range of professional experiences, Nate Armstrong HomeInvest is always on the lookout to connect with business professionals. While he is currently located in Chicago, Illinois, he wishes to expand his professional network further.

Nate Armstrong HomeInvest Professional Network

Throughout his post-secondary as well as professional journey, Nate has made countless friends and allies. When he was studying at Saint John’s, his peers often looked up to him and enjoyed working together with him. He not only always pulled his weight in group projects, he also helped out those who seemed unsure of the course material. His teamwork ability truly began to shine when he was studying at Saint John’s University.

When he was working at Target, he managed a team of 20 new employees. While many would have viewed this as an unfair disadvantage, Nate welcome the challenge. He handpicked these new hires and made sure to groom and lead them to become the highest producing team of 12 teams in the building in less than 7 months. Through this experience, Nate Armstrong demonstrated his impeccable leadership skills. He still remains in contact with a few of these new hires. In addition, they’ve become great business allies over the years.

Nate Armstrong HomeInvest understands the importance and value of making meaningful connections. In fact, as an Investors Relations Chair for Home Invest, maintaining a positive and professional relationship with prospects and clients is the key to being a successful entrepreneur. With the countless real estate deals he’s closed over the years, Nate has developed a robust clientele in Chicago, IL. However, he is always eager to meet more like-minded professional individuals that he can work with.

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